Peppermint tea, blackberry & lemon drizzle cake, and a baby breakthrough

I’ve come to have a reputation in the family as the provider of cakes, and even with a 7 week old baby that’s a reputation I don’t want to lose!  Rustling up goodies during naptimes actually keeps me sane, so as my mother-in-law’s birthday approached I knew I would have to bake her a cake.  She loves a lemon drizzle, and I had some frozen blackberries I wanted to use up, so this recipe was perfect.

It came together perfectly, and was so easy I probably could have done it with the Little One awake.  I’ve been baking a lot with gooseberries recently, so not having to top and tail the blackberries was a dream!

Sunday morning baking Made to be enjoyed with a cup of tea on a Sunday evening ? #bristolbaking #bristolbloggers #cake

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The finished cake was very moist, the soft fruits complementing the sharp citrus.  I don’t often bake with citrus, but I should more, as I always enjoy it!  Being off the caffeine, I enjoyed this cake with a peppermint tea, though I would have liked a black filter coffee, if I’m being honest.  One thing about breastfeeding is I’ve been having many more herbal and fruit teas, and am actually enjoying the huge variety available.  Not that you would guess given that I stuck with plain old peppermint for this post…

And finally, my treat: I’m trying to get the Little One to take a bottle of expressed milk, as we’re invited to a wedding which children aren’t invited to in a couple of weeks.  If we can’t make it we’ll accept that, but it would be nice.  I’ve been expressing and trying for a few weeks, but Little One is not keen!  My M-i-L suggested offering a bottle as soon as she seemed hungry, and it worked.  By that I mean she took 10ml… but it’s a start!

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