Moroccan Mint Green Tea, chocolate & rosewater cupcakes, and new garden furniture

Now I can’t remember exactly why I picked up this Dragonfly Moroccan Mint Organic Green Tea (I’m not usually a fan of green tea), but boy am I glad I did.  When the weather perked up this past bank holiday weekend, and I wanted a sweet drink to enjoy on the patio, this made the perfect iced tea.  I made up a jug, popped it in the fridge, and served an hour later, topped up in the glass with some sparkling water.  I might previously have been tempted to add some elderflower cordial to sweeten it, but the tea itself has such natural sweetness from the mint that nothing else was needed. A definite must for a hot summers’ day I think, as well as providing the opportunity to use our growing mint plant to add a garnish!

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