Raspberry leaf tea, courgette & lemon cake, and a sunny Bristol walk

Raspberry leaf tea, courgette & lemon cake

Impending birth has seen me trying out every trick in the book to make the process as smooth as possible, and this includes checking out Clipper’s Organic Raspberry Leaf Tea.  Some pregnancy guidance says to try it, others not – I checked with my midwife, who said one bag a day from 34 weeks was fine, so I’m going with that!  The tea itself smells divine, and one might dive in expecting a sweet, subtle tea.  One would be wrong, and perhaps even disappointed… the tea is ever so slightly bitter but largely tasteless, with the smell and the colour providing the highlights for the senses.  Still, no harm no foul I guess.

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And it’s about time too…

I’ve been meaning to blog for such a long time.  There’s a long list of thoughts and ideas I have wanted to share, but the notion of putting them out there was overwhelming.  But now, I found myself with more free time, and somehow more confidence – so why not just go for it?! Continue reading →