Peppermint tea, blackberry & lemon drizzle cake, and a baby breakthrough

I’ve come to have a reputation in the family as the provider of cakes, and even with a 7 week old baby that’s a reputation I don’t want to lose!  Rustling up goodies during naptimes actually keeps me sane, so as my mother-in-law’s birthday approached I knew I would have to bake her a cake.  She loves a lemon drizzle, and I had some frozen blackberries I wanted to use up, so this recipe was perfect.

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Breastfeeding and reading: The Colour Purple

Well, I’ve been a Mum for 7 weeks now, and and in that 7 weeks I feel I’ve had more time than in the preceding 7 years for reading!  That may be hyperbole, but I am finding that wiling away a chapter or two whilst feeding in the nights means I’ve made several trips to the local library for material to keep me going.  Why not then add a section for book reviews to the blog?  I certainly find reading a treat, a time to get lost in a story, even with the little one having a feeding frenzy on my breast.

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Moroccan Mint Green Tea, chocolate & rosewater cupcakes, and new garden furniture

Now I can’t remember exactly why I picked up this Dragonfly Moroccan Mint Organic Green Tea (I’m not usually a fan of green tea), but boy am I glad I did.  When the weather perked up this past bank holiday weekend, and I wanted a sweet drink to enjoy on the patio, this made the perfect iced tea.  I made up a jug, popped it in the fridge, and served an hour later, topped up in the glass with some sparkling water.  I might previously have been tempted to add some elderflower cordial to sweeten it, but the tea itself has such natural sweetness from the mint that nothing else was needed. A definite must for a hot summers’ day I think, as well as providing the opportunity to use our growing mint plant to add a garnish!

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Raspberry leaf tea, courgette & lemon cake, and a sunny Bristol walk

Raspberry leaf tea, courgette & lemon cake

Impending birth has seen me trying out every trick in the book to make the process as smooth as possible, and this includes checking out Clipper’s Organic Raspberry Leaf Tea.  Some pregnancy guidance says to try it, others not – I checked with my midwife, who said one bag a day from 34 weeks was fine, so I’m going with that!  The tea itself smells divine, and one might dive in expecting a sweet, subtle tea.  One would be wrong, and perhaps even disappointed… the tea is ever so slightly bitter but largely tasteless, with the smell and the colour providing the highlights for the senses.  Still, no harm no foul I guess.

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And it’s about time too…

I’ve been meaning to blog for such a long time.  There’s a long list of thoughts and ideas I have wanted to share, but the notion of putting them out there was overwhelming.  But now, I found myself with more free time, and somehow more confidence – so why not just go for it?! Continue reading →